Bebla is my celebrity name. I'm not a celebrity, I just play one on the tv of my mind. This blog is mostly about my nails.

Watermelon Rind
 Dark green with sparkly silver specks.


Ingrid is from China Glaze Vintage Vixens 2010 Fall Collection. I was surprisingly pleased with this color on my nails! I have never before been excited about wearing brown polish, but this one definitely gave my hands a sophisticated and vintage feel. Ingrid is a warm sable brown with a hint of orange flecks. This is such a wonderful color for fall and I totally recommend it! <3


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I must say that I am really excited about my tumblr blog! I have my first two followers and I feel great about this!

First is my cousin Courtney, who actually inspired me with her awesome blog. And second is a random person who posts photos of pretty hands and nails, and this has also inspired me! Thanks you guys!

The other wonderful thing about this blog is that I want to write but didn’t know what the topic would be. It has become as clear to me as Seche Vite top coat. I will blog about my nails.


This is my collection. It might strike you as a lot of polish, but to experienced beauty bloggers this is actually quite meager. I just filled my bin to max capacity, which of course means that I will need to start another one.

Now when I go to Sally’s Beauty I can walk in with an air of entitlement and the cashier will know that I am a super duper cereal and want to give me insane discounts! Buy 2 get one free!


Swiss OPI

This weeks polish is Glitzerland from OPI’s 2010 Swiss Collection. IMO this one is the most appealing polish of the group, but I am often attracted to shinier polishes. This is the shiny one. Yet, I am feeling very tempted by the purple as that one is lovely, soft and metallic in a similar vein to Glitzerland.

I can tell you this one is flashy gold with a slight bronze, highly reflective with fine sparkles. A little bit on the blingy side for September, I’ll probably pop this one back on my nails after Thanksgiving. Like all OPI’s in general it’s a happy time on my nails.


DS Coronation

Yo Swiss Collection, I’m really happy for you and I’mma let you finish. But DS Collection is one of the sparkliest polishes of all times!!!

…So holographic polish is pretty much my fave to wear ever. OPI has come up with a charismatic designer series of sparkle unicorn power. Although twice the price of regular OPI polish it is delightful enough to warrant the extra, at least for an addict like myself.

I’ve compared this side to side with China Glaze OMG (another holo collection), but find this to have a bit more bling bling. It’s also rather distracting because if I stare at my nails long enough I can see a sailboat.

DS coronation

Golden Meringue


Kicking off my first real Tumblr with a polish post! Mid-September signifies the end of summer and with this comes a change in palette. What I typically think of as Fall color spectrum is harvest colors, soft neutral pinks, peaches and golds. Popular colors this fall seem to be camel and nutmeg, and my personal fave collection is China Glaze Vintage Vixen Collection. Planning to pick up Ingrid in my next venture to Sally’s!

golden meringue

My NOTD is Golden Meringue, one of the permanent colors from China Glaze. The formula itself is fairly sheer and takes three coats to build up the right pigment on my nails. It took an hour+ for this to dry even with top coat. I find the color soft with a subtle golden flash to it. The bottle itself is more attractive than the dry polish. It looks better IRL than photographed. Not my personal fave of all time, but a lovely color for end of summer.